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Announcement Thumbnail Applications Being Accepted to Host Climate Science Centers in Alaska, the Northwest, Southeast, and Midwest

The U.S. Geological Survey has released a Program Announcement via to request applications to host Climate Science Centers (CSCs) in four regions: Alaska, Northwest, Southeast, and Midwest.

Date published: May 5th, 2016

CSC(s): Alaska CSC, NCCWSC, Northwest CSC, Southeast CSC

Keywords: Partners

View of North Central Mountains Postdoc Research Opportunity on Species Vulnerability to Climate Change

An exciting research opportunity is opening at the USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center for a passionate postdoctoral researcher interested in patterns of species vulnerability and resilience to contemporary climate change.

Date published: May 5th, 2016


Keywords: Students & Youth, Vulnerability

Science Communications Word Cloud Job Opportunity: Science Communications Coordinator

The Western Alaska Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) is looking for a scientist who excels in taking scientific results to new places and who can link scientific findings to resource, land, or community management decisions as Alaskan communities.

Date published: May 5th, 2016

CSC(s): Alaska CSC

Keywords: Staff

Steve Jackson headshot SW CSC Director Steve Jackson Receives USGS Excellence in Leadership Award

Congratulations to Dr. Stephen T. Jackson, Director of the Southwest Climate Science Center, for receiving the Excellence in Leadership Award at the 2016 USGS Honor Awards Ceremony, held May 3, 3016 in Reston, Virginia!

Date published: May 5th, 2016

CSC(s): Southwest CSC

Keywords: Staff

Scientists and managers gather together on a southeast beach Strengthening Efforts to Communicate Science and "Coproduce Knowledge"

Providing scientific information that is directly useful to managers is not always as easy or straight-forward as you might think. It may even require a new way of thinking, in which scientific knowledge is “coproduced” by scientists and managers.

Date published: May 2nd, 2016

CSC(s): Southeast CSC

Keywords: Partners, Staff

Cetti Bay, Guam Pacific Islanders and Alaskans Unite for Climate Solutions

What could Alaska and the Pacific Islands possibly have in common? When it comes to responding to a changing climate, there are more similarities than differences.

Date published: April 29th, 2016

CSC(s): Alaska CSC

Keywords: Coastal, Workshops & Meetings

Bison in Montana Ecological Drought in the North Central United States: Droughts of the Future Will Not Be the Droughts of the Past

While the North Central region is no stranger to drought, it is critical that we understand how climate change may alter typical drought patterns of the past, and what these changes will mean for ecosystems.

Date published: April 27th, 2016

CSC(s): North Central CSC

Keywords: Drought, Workshops & Meetings

Sockeye salmon Why is Genetic Diversity Important?

Genetic diversity and the portfolio effect can help buffer species against global change.

Date published: April 26th, 2016


Keywords: Fish, Vulnerability

8 Animals Feeling the Heat from Climate Change Eight Animals Feeling the Heat from Climate Change

From forest to grassland, desert to ocean, many wildlife species are already “feeling the heat” from climate change. Here are eight animals that provide a glimpse into how climate change is impacting wildlife across the country.

Date published: April 22nd, 2016

CSC(s): Alaska CSC, NCCWSC, North Central CSC, Northeast CSC, Pacific Islands CSC, Southeast CSC, Southwest CSC

Keywords: Birds, Fish, Mammals

NSF logo 2016 Graduate Research Internship Program Opportunities for Current NSF Fellows!

Are you a current National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellow? Intern with the National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center (NCCWSC)!

Date published: April 19th, 2016


Keywords: Students & Youth