NCCWSC & CSC Policies & Manuals

Since its creation in 2008, the National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center (NCCWSC) has seen new developments and has implemented new policies and programs.  To account for these changes, many of the original policy guidelines that guide many processes at the NCCWSC and at the Climate Science Centers are now being updated and revised.  Please find below a list of both revised policies and policies that are in the revision process.  Please check back for updates to policies and manuals being made during the Fall of 2014. 

Strategic Plans & Policies
Title Date Link
USGS Climate and Land Use Change Science Strategy April 2013 CLU_Science_2013_04
Project Tracking, Data Management and Communications
Title Date Link
Data Sharing Policy April 2014 Data_Sharing_2014_04
Data Management Plan Guidance and Template April 2014 DMP_Guidance_2014_04
Data Management Manual April 2014 Data_Management_Manual_2014_04
USGS Data Management Policy 2014 USGS_Data_Management_2014
CSC Communications Guidelines 2016 Communications_Guidelines_2016
Partners, Engagement and Coordination
Title Date Link
General Process for Stationing Department of the Interior (DOI) Bureau Staff at DOI Climate Science Centers September 2014 DOI_Bureau_Staff_At_CSCs_2014_09
Advisory Committee on Climate Change and Natural Resource Science Charter September 2012 ACCCNRS_Charter_2012_09
CSC Stakeholder Advisory Committee Terms of Reference October 2014 SAC TORS 2014_10