Northeast and North Central CSCs Honored for Leadership in Climate Adaptation

Screenshot of Wildlife Climate Action ToolThe Northeast and North Central CSCs were among a group of organizations and individuals honored yesterday at the National Adaptation Forum for their outstanding work in helping the nation’s natural resources become more resilient to the impacts of a rapidly changing world.

Congratulations to the CSCs for their excellent accomplishments!

Broad Partnership Category: Massachusetts Wildlife Climate Action Tool Partnership: Together, the Northeast CSC, University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, and MA Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs developed the Massachusetts Wildlife Climate Action Tool to help resource managers access information on climate change impacts and vulnerabilities of fish, wildlife and habitats; and explore adaptation actions to promote resilient natural communities.

Honorable Mention: Wind River Reservation Tribal Water Engineer and Partners: The North Central CSC and other partners worked closely with the Wind River Tribal Water Engineer’s Office and Water Resources Control Board to co-produce science for drought preparedness. This work includes: a tribal-driven social-ecological vulnerability assessment; co-production of drought and climate change-related information and decision-support tools; and community engagement in drought/climate science education that integrate local knowledge and multi-generational learning approaches to resource management.

Wind River

Honorable Mention: Dr. Olivia LeDee: Olivia LeDee, Deputy Director for the Northeast CSC, was honored for providing consistent and innovative leadership on climate adaptation for Minnesota during her former position with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

The Climate Adaptation Leadership Award was established in 2016 to recognize outstanding leadership by individuals, organizations, businesses and agencies to support the resilience of America’s vital natural resources and the many people, businesses and communities that depend on them.  

The Award is sponsored by the National Fish, Wildlife, and Plant Climate Adaptation Strategy’s Joint Implementation Working Group in partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), U.S. Forest Service (USFS), and the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA).

For more information about the 2017 Climate Adaptation Leadership Awards for Natural Resources, including the eight recipients, honorable mentions, and all 27 nominees, please visit the Climate Adaptation Leadership Award main page.

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Published Date: May 4th, 2017
Keywords: Awards, Staff