Science Approach

The added value of the NCCWSC-CSC enterprise can be categorized into two bins: science projects and science infrastructure projects. Science projects are the backbone of the NCCWSC-CSC enterprise and contain a mix of strategic and tactical science, coordinate across boundaries to assure added value of a “network,” develop multidisciplinary approaches and as importantly provide national expertise on disciplinary problems and assure science performed meets the needs of DOI. Science infrastructure is the added value and tangible by-products of conducting science, including objectives such as communication and translation of science results, development of data and information infrastructures, etc.

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The framework below is an overview of activities that would occur either in the NCCWSC or across CSC coordinated project approaches. 

Science Project Goals
  • Assess and synthesize our state of knowledge about climate and land use change impacts to DOI natural and cultural resources
  • Perform vulnerability assessments of species and ecosystems
  • Understand the social-ecological impacts of climate and land use change
  • Understand the interactions between climate and the physical, biological, and chemical forces that influence the structure and functioning of ecosystems and the goods and services they provide


Science Infrastructure and Capacity Building Goals
  • Collaborate, communicate and translate science results to managers, stakeholders and the public interested in climate change activity
  • Create a shared information and data management platform
  • Educate and train a core of climate scientists that will provide expertise in the future
  • Evaluate the impacts of the CSC/NCCWSC enterprise

Image Credit: Brian Johnson