Data Policies and Guidance

NCCWSC and the CSCs have developed data management policies and guidance as well as an architecture and infrastructure to effectively and efficiently share and manage data and information products produced by NCCWSC or CSC funded projects. Policies and guidance were developed by a working group with representatives from NCCWSC, the CSCs, LCCs, and other data management experts.

Please contact Emily Fort, the NCCWSC Data and Information Coordinator, ( with any questions or comments.

For general information about USGS Data Management, please visit:


Data Sharing Policy

Data Sharing PolicyThe NCCWSC/CSC Data Sharing Policy can be found here. The Data Sharing Policy states that all data and information products developed by NCCWSC/CSC funded projects will be made publically available, no more than one year after the project is completed. It also requires a data management plan for all proposals and funded projects.

Data Management Plan Guidance & Template

All NCCWSC/CSC proposals require a data management plan (DMP). Guidance for the data management plan can be found here and a template to use for the DMP can be found here.


Data Management Manual

Data Management ManualThe Data Management Manual contains information on the architecture, information, and approach to data management for the NCCWSC/CSC enterprise. Details on roles and responsibilities, data activities, metadata, peer review, and standards can be found here.


NCCWSC/CSC Data Stewards

Each CSC has a Data Steward to work with funded PIs on the development of the Data Management Plan, answer any questions related to data management, and assist with the transition of data and information products into the NCCWSC/CSC Repository. The contact information for the Data Stewards is below.

National Coordination Emily Fort, National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center 703-648-4082
NCCWSC Heather "Meagan" Battles Manley, Fort Collins Science Center 970-226-9272
Alaska CSC Jim Long, International Arctic Research Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks 907-474-2440
North Central CSC Lei Ann Wilson, Fort Collins Science Center 970-226-9179
Northeast CSC Heather "Meagan" Battles Manley, Fort Collins Science Center 970-226-9272
Northwest CSC Jeremy Kenyon, University of Idaho 208-885-7955
Pacific Islands CSC Patrick Grady, Pacific Islands Climate Science Center and Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative 808-687-6175 ext. 1012
South Central CSC Neda Ledoux, Fort Collins Science Center 970-226-9162
Southeast CSC Heather "Meagan" Battles Manley, Fort Collins Science Center 970-226-9272
Southwest CSC Jeremy Kenyon, University of Idaho 208-885-7955