Year(s)TitlePrincipal Investigator(s)Contains
2015 - 2018Can Management Increase Forest Resistance to Drought?
    • James Thorne (University of California, Davis)
    2015 - 2017Evaluating the Impact of Stakeholder Engagement on the Use of Climate Science in Drought-Related Management Decisions in California
      • Alison Meadow (University of Arizona)
      2015 - 2017Feedback Index for Assessing the Impact of Restoration on Ecohydrological Processes in Response to Variable Climate
        • Paul Ferre (Hydrology and Water Resources, University of Arizona)
        • Jesse Dickinson (Hydrologic Investigations and Research Section)
        2015 - 2017Fighting Drought with Fire: Can Managers Increase Forest Resistance to Drought using Prescribed Fire?
          • Phillip van Mantgem (Redwood Field Station, WERC)
          • Donald A. Falk (University of Arizona)
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          2015 - 2017Hydrologic Response of Atmospheric River Events in the Salt and Verde river basins: Climatology and Possible Future Changes
            • Francina Dominguez (University of Arizona)
            • Juan Valdes (University of Arizona)
            2015 - 2017Impacts of Drought on Waterbird Wetland Habitats, Bioenergetics, and Movements in the Central Valley of California
              • Joseph Fleskes (USGS Dixon Field Station, WERC)
              • Matthew Reiter (Point Blue Conservation Science)
              2015 - 2018Relations Among Cheatgrass-driven Fire, Climate, and Sensitive-Status Birds across the Great Basin
                • Erica Fleishman (University of California, Davis)
                2015 - 2016Response of High Mountain Ecosystems in the Great Basin to Historic and Future Climate Change
                  • Connie Millar (U.S. Forest Service)
                  2015 - 2016Tribal Adaptation Initiative & Support for Enhanced Scenario Planning Outcomes
                    • Katharine Jacobs (University of Arizona)
                    Year(s)TitlePrincipal Investigator(s)Contains
                    2012 - 2015Climate Change Vulnerabilities and Adaptation Strategies to Wildfire in the Southwestern U.S.
                      • Mark W. Schwartz (John Muir Institute of the Environment, University of California (UC), Davis)
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                      2012 - 2015Climate Change Vulnerability of Native Americans in the Southwest
                        • Karletta Chief (University of Arizona)
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                        2012 - 2014Comparative Analysis of Downscaled Climate Simulations, Providing Guidance to End Users
                          • Daniel R Cayan (Branch of Regional Research, Western Region)
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                          2010 - 2012Downscaled Climate and Hydrologic Response for California and the Great Basin
                            • Lorraine Flint (U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), California Water Science Center)
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                            2012 - 2014Downscaling Climate Change Models to Local Site Conditions: Effects of Sea-Level Rise and Extreme Events on California Coastal Habitats
                              • John Y Takekawa (U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Western Ecological Research Center (WERC))
                              • Glen M MacDonald (University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Institute of the Environment)
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                              2012 - 2013Multi-Criteria Sensitivity Analysis of the Vulnerability of Hydrologic Systems to Climate Variability and Change in the Southwestern U.S.
                                • Ty Ferré (University of Arizona (UA), Hydrology and Water Resources)
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                                2011 - 2013Trans-Specific Drivers of Variation in Forecasted Distributional Changes of Southwest Birds and Reptiles
                                  • Barbara Ralston (Southwest Biological Research Center)
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                                  Year(s)TitlePrincipal Investigator(s)Contains
                                  2011 - 2012Climate Assessment, Adaptation Synthesis and Research Needs for the Southwest
                                    • Jonathan T Overpeck (University of Arizona)
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                                    2011 - 2012Climate change impacts in the Southwest: An assessment of next generation climate models for making projections and derivations
                                      • Mark Schwartz (University of California, Davis; John Muir Institute of the Environment)
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