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Predicting Climate Change Impacts on River Ecosystems and Salmonids across the Pacific Northwest: Combining Vulnerability Modeling, Landscape Genomics, and Economic Evaluations for Conservation

Project Information

Affiliation: Northwest CSC

Principal Investigator(s):
Clint C Muhlfeld (Glacier Field Station, NRMSC)
Gordon Luikart (The University of Montana)
Tim Beechie (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries)
John Duffield (The University of Montana)
Leslie A Jones (USGS, Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center)
John Kimball (The University of Montana)
Erin Landguth (The University of Montana)
Gregory Pederson (USGS, Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center)
Jack Stanford (The University of Montana)
Robin Waples (NOAA Fisheries)

Start Date: 2012

End Date: 2014

Project Status: In Progress

Tags: salmonids, vulnerability, spatially explicity models, river analysis project (RAP), stream temperature, flow, CSC, Northwest CSC, 2012, vulnerability assessment

Fiscal Year: FY 2012 Projects


Trout and salmon populations, which play a critical role in many ecosystems and economies, have dramatically declined in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) due to habitat degradation and fragmentation and introductions of invasive species, and are expected to be further impacted by future climate change. Understanding how climate change will influence the abundance, distribution, genetic diversity, and value of these native fish species is crucial for their management and recovery. This project will use modeling techniques to study how climate change might affect freshwater habitats of key trout and salmon species throughout the PNW. The goal of the study is to develop and provide novel tools that will help managers predict and respond to potential climate change induced impacts on habitats, populations, and economies.

Products & Data
  • Bull Trout Vulnerability Assessment in Columbia River Basin Geodatabase

    BT vulnerability.zip (Download)
  • Bull trout populations, recovery units, watershed, and allelic richness values across the Columbia River, USA

    Genetic AR.pdf (Download)
  • Combining demographic and genetic factors to assess population vulnerability in stream species

    Landguth et al. 2014 (External URL)
  • Genetic diversity is related to climatic variation and vulnerability in threatened bull trout

    Kovach et al. 2015 (External URL)
  • Genomics and introgression: discovery and mapping ofthousands of species-diagnostic SNPs using RAD sequencing

    THUMBNAIL (External URL)
    index page (External URL)
    metadata5005959705501071126.xml (Download)
  • Invasive hybridization in a threatened species is accelerated by climate change

    Muhlfeld et al. 2014 (External URL)
  • Landscape community genomics: understanding eco-evolutionary processes in complex environments

    Hand et al. 2015 (External URL)
Map Files

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  • Studyarea_PNW.shp [x-gis/x-shapefile] (Download)
  • Studyarea_PNW.dbf [application/octet-stream] (Download)
  • Studyarea_PNW.shx [x-gis/x-shapefile] (Download)
  • Studyarea_PNW.prj [text/plain] (Download)
  • Studyarea_PNW.shp.xml [application/fgdc+xml] (Download)
  • Studyarea_PNW.sbn [x-gis/x-shapefile] (Download)
  • Studyarea_PNW.sbx [x-gis/x-shapefile] (Download)
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