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Toward Next Generation Downscaling for Hydrologic Prediction in the Pacific Northwest (Using Multivariate Adaptive Constructed Analogs – Variable Infiltration)

Project Information

Affiliation: Northwest CSC

Principal Investigator(s):
Philip Mote (Oregon State University)
Dennis Lettenmaier (University of Washington)
John Abatzoglou (University of Idaho)

Start Date: August 2011

End Date: July 2013

Project Status: Completed

Tags: Climate Change, Downscaling, Hydrology, CSC, Northwest CSC, 2011

Fiscal Year: FY 2011 Projects


A wide range of resource managers, policymakers, and scientists require tools to provide information relevant for water resource management and planning. One such tool is the Variable Infiltration Capacity model, which can be used to simulate water flows throughout the Columbia River Basin in the Pacific Northwest. Previously this model used just three numbers as inputs for each day of the simulation: the high and low temperatures and the daily total precipitation. This project investigated several other approaches to providing additional information, three of which consist of different statistical ways of mapping temperature and precipitation onto the mountainous landscape ("downscaling"), and one that uses fine-scale regional climate modeling. Our findings help advance the next generation of climate-hydrology simulations that will provide guidance for studies of climate change impacts on the hydrology of the Pacific Northwest.

Products & Data
  • A long-term hydrologically based data set of land surface fluxes and states for the conterminous U.S.: Update and extensions

    Livneh et al., 2013 (External URL)
  • Data and Model for the Final Report of Toward Next Generation Downscaling for Hydrologic Prediction in the Pacific Northwest

    DOI_report.tgz (Download)
  • Global evaluation of MTCLIM and related algorithms for forcing of ecological and hydrological models

    Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (External URL)
Map Files

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  • pnw_vic_maca.shp [x-gis/x-shapefile] (Download)
  • pnw_vic_maca.dbf [text/plain; charset=windows-1252] (Download)
  • pnw_vic_maca.shx [x-gis/x-shapefile] (Download)
  • pnw_vic_maca.prj [text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1] (Download)
  • pnw_vic_maca.shp.xml [application/fgdc+xml] (Download)
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