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Extended Monitoring and Modeling of Climate Change Effects on Pacific Northwest Wetlands

Project Information

Affiliation: Northwest CSC

Principal Investigator(s):
Josh Lawler
Alan F. Hamlet (University of Washington)
Michael C Adams (U.S. Geological Survey, Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center)
Wendy J Palen (Simon Fraser University)
L. Monika Moskal (University of Washington)
Regina Rochefort (North Cascades National Park)
Lara Hansen (EcoAdapt)
Maureen Ryan (University of Washington)
Meghan Halabisky (University of Washington)
Se-Yeun Lee (University of Washington)

Start Date: September 2012

End Date: August 2014

Project Status: In Progress

Tags: Wetlands, Monitoring, modeling, Climate change, Hydrologic model, remote sensing, biological assessment, in-situ monitoring, park, national park, North Cascades, Olympic, Mount Rainier, Mt. Rainier, Pacific Northwest, United States, USA, WA, Washington, CSC, Northwest CSC, 2012, vulnerability assessment

Fiscal Year: FY 2012 Projects


Wetlands, which provide important natural services, such as movement of nutrients and carbon capture, are thought to be among the most sensitive ecosystems to changes in temperature and precipitation. Despite the importance and vulnerability of wetlands, resources to support their scientific evaluation and management in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere have lagged substantially behind that of other ecosystem types. This interdisciplinary project combines complementary research efforts at multiple institutions and addresses wetlands across a range of locations and regions. Through the integration of remote sensing, hydrological and biological modeling, and traditional fieldwork, this research aims to explicitly characterize landscape-scale climate change impacts to wetland habitats and develop new approaches and technical tools needed to sustainably manage wetlands in a changing climate.

Products & Data
  • Amphibians in the climate vice: loss and restoration of resilience of montane wetland ecosystems in the western US

    Ryan et al., 2014 (External URL)
  • Climate Change Could Spell Final 'Chuckle' For Alpine Frog

    NPR Highlight (External URL)
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