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Assessment of Terrestrial and Aquatic Monitoring Programs in the Southeastern United States

Project Information

Affiliation: Southeast CSC

Principal Investigator(s):
Damian Shea (North Carolina State University)
Cari Furiness (North Carolina State University)

Start Date: August 2012

End Date: June 2015

Project Status: In Progress

Tags: monitoring networks, Climate change, Southeast Climate Science Center, FY 2012, metadata, CSC, Southeast CSC, 2012

Fiscal Year: FY 2012 Projects


A significant challenge faced by climate scientists in the public and private sector is the need for reliable and complete information about the historical status of ecological systems expected to be influenced by climate change.  While many organizations monitor one or more aspects of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, these monitoring programs are seldom coordinated and the associated data are not readily available. This project aims to support the efforts of multiple federal, state, and other organizations in the development of a comprehensive and integrated assessment of monitoring programs associated with atmospheric, stream, and terrestrial ecosystems.   Components of this study will include compiling and mapping current sources of existing ecosystem quality and quantity data, and assessing the available information from these sources. Results from this proposed work will provide the region’s scientists and decision makers with accurate and comprehensive information about monitoring programs that can be used to assess the potential effects of climate change in the southeastern United States. 

Products & Data
  • Development of a Global Change Monitoring Portal: Pilot Project for the Southeastern U.S.

    Webinar Recording (External URL)
  • Southeast Global Change Monitoring Portal

    GCMP (External URL)
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