Science within NCCWSC

The mission of the National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center (NCCWSC) is to provide natural resource managers with the tools and information they need to develop and execute management strategies that address the impacts of climate change on fish, wildlife and their habitats.

Collectively, the NCCWSC, the Climate Science Centers (CSCs), and Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) form the cornerstones of DOI’s integrated approach to climate change science and adaptation, addressing the full range of natural and cultural resources. CSCs prioritize delivery of usable science, research data products, and decision-support tools to meet the needs of the LCCs and other resource managers within their respective regions.

The NCCWSC relies on stakeholder input for the identification of research needs, the prioritization of projects, and the elevation of research products. The NCCWSC has three primary vehicles for stakeholder input - each representing slightly different segments of the stakeholder community: LCCs, CSCs, and the Federal Advisory Committee on Climate Change and Natural Resource Science (ACCCNRS).

Goals and Objectives for the NCCWSC Science Program
  • Assess and synthesize our state of knowledge about climate change impacts to DOI lands
  • Work collaboratively with the resource management community to develop adaptation methodologies that minimize the effect of climate change impacts on the Nation’s fish, wildlife, and habitats
  • Foster research that increases understanding of the interactions between climate and the physical, biological, and chemical forces that influence the structure and functioning of ecosystems and the goods and services they provide.

The NCCWSC is in the process of developing a Science Agenda. The purpose of the science agenda is to provide a context and framework for the climate change impact research that will be conducted or coordinated by the NCCWSC. To accompany this science agenda, the NCCWSC has developed a set of Strategic Science Goals that provide tangible ideas of the types of science and science assets that NCCWSC and CSC projects will add value to.