Scientific Data and Tools

On this page, you will find information and links related to data, products, and tools sponsored by the NCCWSC.

Applications and Tools

ScienceBase Catalog

Description:  ScienceBase provides a data cataloging and collaborative data management platform for USGS scientists and partners. ScienceBase provides a central search and discovery application along with Web services that facilitate other applications. Research communities can set up their own "virtual catalogs" that contain items of particular import to their work.


Data Entry for Project Tracking and Highlighting (DEPTH)

Description: The DEPTH web portal allows users to easily query, view, filter, and edit climate project records sponsored by the Department of the Interior Climate Science Centers (CSCs) and their partner agencies and organizations.



Downscaled Climate Geo Data Portal

Description: The Geo Data Portal is a tool to translate gridded time series climate data to landscape polygons. The Geo Data Portal provides access to a growing catalog of climate datasets. Users can also use the Geo Data Portal to access datasets not in the catalog if they are available via a common set of web service standards.


Derived Downscaled Climate Projection Portal

Description: The Derivative Portal allows visualization and downloading of future climate projections from a group of "statistically downscaled" global climate models (GCMs). Temperature and precipitation projections from these models have been used to calculate derivative climate indicators that measure the number of days that exceed certain thresholds.