North Central CSC

A flock of birds flying over a wetland in the Prairie Potholes Region

The North Central CSC brings together the latest data, tools, and knowledge on the impacts of climate change, and works directly with resource managers to promote climate-informed conservation and provides researchers an opportunity to work with an engaged and proactive applied management community. 

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Region Map

Map of the North Central CSC region 



Robin O'Malley
USGS Director, NC CSC
U.S. Geological Survey

Dennis Ojima
University Director, NC CSC
Colorado State University


Colorado State University (Host)
University of Colorado
Colorado School of Mines
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Iowa State University
University of Wyoming
Montana State University
University of Montana
Kansas State University

Key Documents and Reports

Cover of NC CSC 2015 annual report
Science Agenda 2012-2017

Five Year Review Report 2011-2016

2015 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report
2013 Annual Report
2012 Annual Report


Photo on page: Birds in the Prairie Pothole Region, by Brady Neiles