NCCWSC Climate Change Science and Management Webinar Series

The National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center is partnering with the National Conservation Training Center to offer the "Climate Change Science and Management Webinar Series" to highlight NCCWSC and Climate Science Center sponsored science projects related to climate change impacts and adaptation. This webinar series was developed to inform scientists, land and resource managers, and the general public about potential and predicted climate change impacts on fish and wildlife and to help guide resource management decisions across the United States. Instructions for joining the webinars will be provided in advance on the corresponding pages (see below). Video recordings with closed captioning are made available approximately 2 weeks after each presentation. Please see the schedule of upcoming webinars below. To search for information on a specific topic, please use our website search

If you have questions about the NCCWSC webinar series, please contact:

Previous Webinars

Downscaling climate change models to local site conditions: effects of sea-level rise and extreme events on coastal habitats and their wildlife
  • Speaker(s): John Takekawa
  • Affiliation(s): Western Ecological Research Center
  • Coastal land managers are faced with many challenges and uncertainties in planning adaptive strategies for conserving coastal habitats at the land-sea interface under future climate change scenarios.  As transitional... (Read More)
Predicting Climate Change Threats to Estuaries in the Pacific Northwest
  • Speaker(s): Deborah Reusser
  • Affiliation(s): Western Fisheries Research Center
  • Pacific Northwest estuaries offer a diversity of habitats critical to fish and fowl. Global climate change and sea-level rise will have profound effects on estuarine fish, shellfish and wildlife populations and their... (Read More)
The Potential Influence of Changing Climate on the Persistence of Rocky Mountain Native Salmonids: What Information Will We Need to Manage for the Future?
  • Speaker(s): Jeffrey Kershner, Steven Hostetler
  • Affiliation(s): USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center, USGS National Research Program
  • Bioclimatic models predict large reductions in native trout across the Rocky Mountains this century but lack specific details regarding how this change will occur. This project addresses the need for more complete... (Read More)
Geo Data Portal: Translating Climate Data for Geographic Analysis
  • Speaker(s): Nathaniel Booth and Adam Terando
  • Affiliation(s): CIDA, NCSU
  • Landscape studies of climate change impacts often require a large range of data products and processing. The Geo Data Portal (GDP) was developed with support from the NCCWSC in response to the wide practice in... (Read More)